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Dr.M Balaraju Naidu

Dr Balaraju Naidu, is extensively trained in this field and have between them decades of successful operative experience. In addition to their inherent medical knowledge and surgical skills, cutting edge technology like Computer navigation, hi-flexion knees are utilised to optimise the treatment outcomes. Depending on the patient's needs and requirements, an individualized post operative plan combining physical therapy, and medications are provided to get the best functional outcomes.

Revision joint reconstruction to manage a failed joint replacement is another challenging procedure dealt with specialised expertise and experience at Omega Institute of Orthopaedics...

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My Qualifications


Gandhi Hospital, Gandhi Medical College, Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

Medical Training

Gandhi Hospital, Gandhi Medical College, Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

Masters Degree In Orthopedic Surgery (M.S Ortho)

Gandhi Hospital, Gandhi Medical College, Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

Our Treatments


Primary Total Knee Replacement

Total Knee replacement or knee arthroplasty is a surgical procedure to replace the weight...

Two – Stage Revision Knee Arthroplasty

Infection remains another complication in hip replacement. We perform a...

Pinless Navigated Knee Replacement

Many studies have demonstrated higher precision and better radiological...

Revision Knee Replacement

Conventional joint replacement is a very successful procedure for the treatment of arthritis...

Knee Osteotomy

High Tibial Osteotomy is most effective for active patients who are 40 to 60 years old. Good candidates have..

Arthroscopic Knee Surgeries

Knee Arthroscopy is a procedure that allows doctor to look inside of your knee using an arthroscope...

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